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eNeighborhoods powerful real estate marketing & sales solutionsYour real estate career depends on successful marketing presentations. In fact, any real estate coach will tell you that the one-on-one time you spend with prospects and clients is your time to shine. Your marketing presentations to sellers (CMAs), BuyerTours for home buyers, Neighborhood Envoy and flyers give you a chance to show clients and prospects – not just tell them – what you can do for them. If you only have a few moments to show.

For more than a decade, eNeighborhoods has helped agents convert prospects into buyers and sellers with high-impact marketing tools, presentation and reports.  Now, eNeighborhoods introduces NEXT – a new generation of Neighborhood Expert Tools to help you connect with today’s consumers and get better results than ever before.

To make the most of every presentation and convert more prospects to clients and sales, count on eNeighborhoods NEXT. NEXT features include:

bulletPowerful mapping tools, featuring Google Map technology for great-looking reports.
bulletEnhanced charts, presentations and report designs to personalize your materials.
bulletInstant data uploads – import your listings quickly and easily.
bulletA faster and easy-to-use agent desktop.
bulletLog on from anywhere – Your account is available from any web browser!

Today, buyers, sellers and home owners are on the Web looking for the information they care about – about properties and neighborhoods near them, or neighborhoods for possible relocation. Real estate information on the web isn’t personalized for prospects or branded for you.  Take back the information advantage with eNeighborhoods with real-time, current information that showcases your expertise and features your photo and contact information.

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